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Business Intelligence (BI)

It is estimated, today’s digital world contains 281 exabytes of data and that amounts to 45 GB of data for every person on earth. With increasing storage capacity and reducing storage cost, data retention is no longer a challenge. In business enterprises, with operations in multiple geographies, in multiple systems, in multiple formats, making sense out of the data is the challenge.

With mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, data is often fragmented in multiple silos of systems. With performance driven management, intelligent data is now required at all levels of management. Both at operational level and at strategic level. With data lying both in structured and unstructured formats, BI systems are required to process and meaningfully present the same. To drive enterprise performance, this data is increasingly required on a near real time basis.

Business Intelligence, by nature, has to be customized for each enterprise. Information pipeline requires to be integrated with multiple systems. And information processing will be unique to the requirements of each enterprise. This requires a complete understanding of the Business and IT ecology to provide a tailor made solution.

BI Offerings

    1. End to end execution – Study, Conceptualize and Execution
    2. Implementation of best of breed BI and ETL Tools
    3. Domain focused models for accelerated delivery