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Business Intelligence

Information is the key to taking correct decisions. Analytical Information is the key to taking the right decision at the right time. In business enterprises, with operations in multiple geographies, in multiple systems, in multiple formats, making sense out of the data is the challenge. With mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, data is often fragmented in multiple silos of systems. With performance driven management, intelligent data is required at all levels of management, both at operational level and at strategic level. With data lying in both structured and unstructured formats, BI systems help to process and meaningfully present the same.

BI can take the form of Financial Analytics, Procurement & Spend Analytics, Supply Chain & Sales Analytics, Marketing Anaytics etc. Information can be presented in the form of interactive reports, dashboards. Information is shared across all the constituents i.e., managers to management enabling consistent view for cohesive functioning.

Oracle BI Suite of products seamlessly connects ERP’s like SAP, PeopleSoft, Baan etc, CRM like Siebel and connects to data marts / data warehouses and even with Excel. With its vast analytical and drill down capabilities, BI provides role based intuitive information across your organization. It empowers users at all level and across all business processes with analytical information to meet goals and targets.
Our Offerings

Implementation Services:

  1. Complete suite of business analytics
  2. Business intelligence applications (pre-built applications)

Migration Services:

  1. Migration of Siebal Analytics reports/dashboards to OBIEE

Enhancements and Optimisations

  1. Application and Reports development
  2. Application optimization

Help Desk Support

  1. Dedicated Helpdesk
  2. AMC & on-going Support
  3. On-Demand Support